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our fur babies

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our fur babies

new at this tripawed thing

August 24th, 2016 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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Our youngest member of our fur family “who has had issues ever since we brought her home” has just recently became a tripaw.  Lets start from the beginning. June 2015 Nibbles was found and taken from a dogs mouth and we took her on as a foster, we took her to the vet and we were told she would not survive “she was bruised all on her underside, her left leg was not stable {floppy}, and there was a small bite hole on her side”.  We brought her home and made her as comfortable as we could, she made it through the night and then the next and the next……days, weeks, and soon a month had passed. She lived!!  A few months later she had fractured her pelvis, after weeks in her porter she was freed only to take a ride in the dryer a few short weeks later “all was good” “thank God”.   She has had a good life since then. We decided to make her a forever member of the family, got her spayed, with minimal complications she survived it.  One year old now living life to the fullest she still favored her leg, occasionally limping, not bending it “we were told she had no knee that is why she did that”, but happy nether the less. Then on Aug. 12th we woke up and something was definitely wrong. she was limping real good not baring any weight on her leg. Another visit to the vet, she had broken her femur. We casted it for the weekend, but she was miserable and couldn’t move much, The vet gave us options and amputation was the only one we would do.  One week into having a tripawd.

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  • otisandtess

    What a cutie! Although the recovery period is difficult, cats tend to do well as tripawds. There are several kitty members who will likely chime in soon. Once the cats get the hang of it, they are climbing, jumping and doing everything else that they did before. And how wonderful that you have given her a forever home!

  • amomof3

    Thank you she is adjusting….cries out every once in awhile and freaks out…..she has started laying in her litter box which we find strange. I feel really bad for her she has been through so much already.

  • purrkins

    Sorry about Nibbles, she is lucky to have found you as her forever paw parents! Is she on any pain medication ? Gabapentin for phantom limb pain? Our Purrkins is 6 years old had his front left leg amputated due to cancer in July, Its been a month yesterday. He is doing great on 3 . The first day was awful and each day things got better and better! Its not easy but it will get better and you will get to a new normal! We are blogged under
    Reach out if you have any questions please. Your not alone!
    Holly & Purrkins

    • amomof3

      Nibbles is doing much better. She is out and running around, climbing her new cat tree, and packing around socks….yes any sock she can find becomes hers and if you want to claim it back you well have to argue with her, she also likes to lay on cell phones lol

  • hester

    Gorgeous kitty girl!

    You should post in the Forums for maximum response from the wider community. Is she on pain meds? I would be a bit concerned about laying in the litter box as it may be a sign of distress – shelter cats often do this.

  • otisandtess

    Can you make a cave for her – even a blanket over a chair? She might be hanging in the litter box because she feels safe there.

  • benny55

    Nibbles! Oh my goodness! You certainly had a rough start!

    But you sure won the kitty lottery when you picked your humans as your furever home! You wanted to know what love and joy felt like…and now you do!! 🙂

    Stay connected and let us know how we can belp. Check out the kitty blogs for a lot of good info.
    Nibbles is going to be so hapoy with that bum keg gone.

    Lots of hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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